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The links on this page pertain to desert environments, solar living
and community that we really want to help promote.

Turn water scarcity into water abundance! Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, How to conceptualize, design, and implement sustainable water-harvesting systems for your home, landscape, and community. This book enables you to access your on-site resources (rainwater, greywater, topsoil, sun, plants, and more), gives you a diverse array of strategies to maximize their potential.......

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Intentional Community
Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, and other projects where people strive together with a common vision.
This Web site serves the growing communities movement, providing resources for finding a community home and creating more community in your life.
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WWOOF stands for WILLING WORKERS ON ORGANIC FARMS. This website is a  for the USA. How WWOOF works: We compile a list of hosts that, from time to time, welcome volunteer help. When you join WWOOF, you get access to that list of farms, in this case our searchable database.
The Aims of WWOOF are :
  • To give you first hand experience of organic or other ecologically-sound growing methods

  • To give you experience of life in the countryside

  • To help the organic movement which is labour intensive and does not rely on artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides.

  • To give people a chance to meet, talk, learn and exchange views with others in the organic movement

  • To provide you with an opportunity to learn about life in the host country by living, and working together.

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Through seed conservation and community interaction Native Seeds/SEARCH works to protect crop biodiversity and to celebrate cultural diversity. Native Seeds SEARCH is a nonprofit conservation organization based in Tucson, Arizona. NS/S works to conserve, distribute and document the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seed, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwestern and northwest Mexico. Our mission began in 1983, springing from the nexus of cultural longing and impending loss of genetic diversity. Today we safeguard 2000 varieties of arid-land adapted agricultural crops. Some, like watermelons, were adapted from seeds brought by early Europeans. Most of our collection consists of varieties of indigenous crops developed over centuries or millennia to suit the needs of their human partners. We promote the use of these ancient crops and their wild relatives by distributing seeds to traditional communities and to gardeners world wide.
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Organic Consumers Association
The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation's estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers.
The OCA represents over 850,000 members, subscribers and volunteers, including several thousand businesses in the natural foods and organic marketplace. Our US and international policy board is broadly representative of the organic, family farm, environmental, and public interest community.
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Sky Island Alliance is a grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of the rich natural heritage of native species and habitats in the Sky Island region of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.
We work with volunteers, scientists, land owners, public officials, and government agencies to establish protected areas, restore healthy landscapes, and promote public appreciation of the region's unique biological diversity.
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The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement. It does not recognize nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. Our understandings conclude that these are false, outdated distinctions which are far from positive factors for true collective human growth and potential. Their basis is in power division and stratification, not unity and equality, which is our goal. While it is important to understand that everything in life is a natural progression, we must also acknowledge the reality that the human species has the ability to drastically slow and paralyze progress, through social structures which are out of date, dogmatic, and hence out of line with nature itself. The world you see today, full of war, corruption, elitism, pollution, poverty, epidemic disease, human rights abuses, inequality and crime is the result of this paralysis.





Desert Harvesters is a volunteer-run, grassroots effort based in Tucson, Arizona, USA. We strive to promote, celebrate, and enhance, local food security and production by encouraging the planting of indigenous, food-bearing shade trees (such as the Velvet mesquite or Prosopis velutina) in water-harvesting earthworks, and then educating the public on how to harvest and process the bounty. In 2003 we were able to purchase a Meadows Mills #5 hammermill with funds from a PRO-Neighborhoods grant. The mill is able to quickly grind mesquite pods into flour, and conveniently provide people with a fresh and nutritious local food product (click here for more info on the nutritional breakdown of mesquite). We’ve put the mill on a trailer so we can take it to various milling events around southern Arizona..........