"My father considered a walk among the
mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing."
                       ALDOUS HUXLEY

Puerto Penasco - Rocky Point, Mexico

Well we get a lot of questions about local access to Mexico and especially to the ocean so here is a little visual tour to the nearest area that we go to. Want to get away from the heat and dry desert for awhile? In less than 4 hours from Tucson you can be jumping in the beautiful salt waters of the Sea of Cortez at Puerto Penasco. We like to take this trip 3 or 4 times a year with a small group. Prices have gone up along with all the new construction but that seems to be happening everywhere. There are plenty of motels form $25 to $300 a night,. there seems to be an endless supply of condo's for rent and plenty of beach houses also. Check Graigslist in Tucson and Phoenix for rentals as well as other websites.  Below are some photo's to give you an idea what it looks like.

Directions: From Tucson - Take 86 West (Ajo Way) for about 125 miles. At Why, AZ. turn left onto 85 south for 28 miles to the border.  Cross the Mexican border at Sonoyta, you will be asked to pull over or not. Once you cross into Mexico it is about 65 miles to Puerto Penasco 
Total miles about 210 from Tucson
Don't forget Mexican insurance


Mostly a long straight road to Why, AZ

turn left and then straight to Puerto Penasco



First you will drive through Sonoyta, Sonara Mexico


 an hour or so you will be in Puerto Penasco

Here is an Ariel view of Puerto Penasco, to the left is the downtown tourist area and the harbor for the fishing fleets.
You can see the main road running along the harbor that you will be driving in on which loops around as the way out also.

Some shots of the downtown tourist area


fresh fish along the seafood market area


Some art on a wall



Plenty to buy but be prepared to haggle a bit


More along the tourist area, good dinning, seafood etc



Colorfully painted shops


Stores selling ....... everything it looks like








A condo building boom on Sandy Beach


You can still camp on the beach.



Outside the harbor, Sandy Beach in the background


Plenty of rocks and plenty of birds



Fishing and shrimp fleet, Puerto Penasco


Woman's oyster cooperative farm



Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans
Project Esperanza -girls orphanage - donations of money or supplies 
928-294-2814 or bobbie@esedona.net


Beautiful beaches just be careful of rocks in the water here and there


There are always vendors selling their wares on the beach.



Indians form near and far pedal their crafts


And there always has to be the noisy Jet Sky rentals


Cholla Bay and down to Sandy Beach



Cholla Bay


Beautiful Sunsets




Tons of new housing on the beaches


Back in Sonoyta on the way to the border (better shopping deals here than Rocky Point)


Back through the United States Border - avoid Sunday afternoons and the end of holidays if possible. (the old border crossing)


Here is the best link to find out just about anything in Puerto Penasco http://www.puerto-penasco.com/