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“This world is but a canvas to our imaginations.
Henry David Thoreau
Healing Journey To Love
Photos of past retreats



2018 retreats and workshops


RETREAT with Joanna Carichner 

Ground in breath. 
Rejoice in dance. 
Connect with nature and tribe.
Rediscover your core.

BLOOM into Spring
Yoga/Journey Dancing,
March 16-18, 2018
Please go to for up to date information
Join Joanna Carichner for this full-emersion weekend delving into your embodied self.  Take time away from the everyday, immerse yourself in nature, community, and your radiant being.  Both Lyndi and Joanna find their sense of connection-to-all within their own bodies, and they are passionate and skilled at gently guiding you to that place within yourself.  Full Radiant Embodiment! 

full emersion weekend including:

energizing morning-flow yoga session 
luscious RESTORATIVE yoga session
transformational JourneyDances
fresh, delicious well water 
swimming pool
community building games 
vision board making
trees, trees, trees 
delicious food
time and space for hiking or lounging
amazing star gazing

for more information and to register
Arrive by 5pm Friday
Stay until 1pm Sunday
Please plan to stay the whole time

Our collective presence creates a sacred
container for transformation.

Instructors:  Joanna Carichner

Through free flowing organic movement, ceremonial community building and luscious yoga sessions, this weekend retreat inspires and encourages reconnection with self, others and Mother Earth.

Join us in the sun's rays amidst desert wildflowers, fruit trees and majestic saguaros.  Dine on scrumptious vegetarian cuisine.  Nurture your body and soul with yoga and dance.  Relax and detox in the sauna.  Warm your heart by the roaring campfire.  Experience Wind Spirit Community.  Experience Joanna.  Experience you. 

First come First Served (Bus, RV, Deck Tent) Contact Don at Wind Spirit Community to reserve an inside space: info @


Healing Journey To Love

For women only

Arizona Goddess Retreat


    Fresh & Healthy Vegetarian Meals (herbal teas & juices)
    Sweat Lodge Cleansing Ceremony (cleanse our body and spirit)
    DEEKSHA Blessing,  REIKI & Cosmoenergy Healing Sessions
    YOGA, MASSAGE & MEDITATION Cacao Ceremony, Rape` (tobacco) Ceremony
    Byron Katie “The Works” & Matt Kahn’s “ I Love You”  Therapies


    To RSVP email:             *Yulia  julialauletta  @ (do not leave spaces in email )

        *Xeniya susha.perminova  @

    Call us: (480) 626 3832 Yulia

       (480) 202 3315 Xeniya

    For more information or RSVP: @Healing Journey to Love


indoor accommodations are on a first come basis



We have very limited indoor
accommodations available.
Contact us for questions and availability
Deck cabin $35
Bus converted $25
Dome $35
RV $25

Photos of past retreats

Dances of Universal Peace
April 26 - 29, 2018   Thursday evening through Sunday noon!*



Almost like the hub of a wheel, Arizona's lovely, earthy Wind Spirit Community is situated near the geographic center of many of our SW DUP communities: Phoenix, Tucson, Snowflake, Prescott, Cottonwood, Silver City - and not too far from Northern New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah - south of Globe, among beautiful mountains and near the Gila River. The spirit of love permeates the land and the beings who live here.

Vegetarian meals included – Delicious spring water on tap - Tent, RV, car camping; indoor options available - Heated and solar showers - Hiking and archaeology - Sauna and swimming pool - Beautiful indoor and outdoor Dance spaces!

The Dances of Universal Peace have been invited to this 16-acre intentional community. With decades of history, it has been lovingly cultivated and has become an ideal location for the DUP.

Please accept the invitation to bring the Love, Harmony and Beauty of the Dances of Universal Peace to Wind Spirit and this much loved Dance retreat in the SW Region! Your presence will help make this Wind Spirit Dance Camp a radiant and blessed event.
For more information and registration

Pay via PayPal or send a check. Information on the registration page.



Fall 2018  TBA
Friday Evening, Through Sunday Afternoon

Acro Yoga Tucson

Instructors: Natalie Brewster Nguyen and Serena Tang, founding members of Flight School Acrobatics. Surprise instructors and guest teachers for yoga and slacklining.

Beginning and advanced Acro Yogi’s are encouraged to attend.
Groups will be made based upon experience.


  1. 4 Acro Yoga Workshops
  2. 6 Healthy Meals (Ask about dietary accommodations)
  3. Communal Indoor Sleeping Accommodations*
  4. Limited Private Indoor Accommodations
  5. Slack lining, hiking, sauna, campfires, mountain biking and just hanging out opportunities in the surrounding beautiful mountains
  6. … and be prepared for a mean game of Janga!
For more information and registration click link to 


September 21st  9/23 2018

Feature EarthDance Global – a celebration of the U.N. International Day of Peace, September 21st with the dance held globally on Saturday 9/23. [ ]

Mission – to hold a Peace festival , and be peaceful in comm-unity with each other and our world. Vision – to increase the peaceful , heart centered, nature of all humans present.

Nature, dance, hugs, yoga, massage, play, sweats, food, NVC, healers, watsu, hoopers, kid craft’s.

More information and schedule PDF



General Information for Retreats


Please bring a towel for the shower and another if you want to use the  pool and or sauna. Bring a tent, sleeping bags and flashlights for camping. We will provide 6 vegetarian meals -- starting with a dinner on Friday, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner and breakfast/lunch again on Sunday. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know 2 weeks in advance. If you arrive early or stay later, you are welcome to cook additional meals in our community kitchen or join our community meals if happening.
Refund Policy for all retreats unless noted:
Full refund minus $20 processing fee
Look around our website. It will answer most of your questions, or you can email
Wind Spirit Community
4514 E Dripping Springs
Winkelman, AZ 85192
Don or Sara 520-201-1075

Directions to Wind Spirit Community

indoor accommodations are on a first come basis



We have very limited indoor
accommodations available.
Contact us for questions and availability
Deck cabin $25
Bus converted $25
Dome $25
RV $25


Up coming retreats
Contact us via email if you would like to be notified about future retreats.

Here is some feedback from previous retreats: Also see photo's below from past retreats

Dearest All,
I had such a fantastic time and want MORE retreats! As many as possible! I'm being greedy now, but it would be a wonderful thing to do for myself regularly, and to be so close and feel so far away is a real treat! The land and people, energy, and food at Windspirit are beyond fabulous and Joanna sure seems meant to do retreats! in her element! Again! I've never taken a class from her oddly enough, and was amazed by her teaching style and presence. So, Windspirit, Joanna, yogis, you have my love and support for energetic expansion in all subjects!
Dr Cindy - Cynthia Gerszewski, DC  ..and then I realized that there is no way to happiness, happiness IS the way.

I want to thank everyone for the amazing retreat. I WANT MORE!! The experience over the weekend was profoundly rejuvenating, inspiring, and joyful. The love, generosity and kindness of all of you truly touched my heart and spirit!
Thank you Wind Spirit community for sharing your gorgeous light filled land and for amazing food, laughter, and love!
Again, Thank you all for an amazing weekend!
Much Love and Namaste!  Alden

Photos of past retreats