If you would like to come for a visit please read at least the Visitors and
Overview pages, these will answer most of your questions.
Visitor Categories
Short term visitor less than a month.
Seasonal visitor 3 to 6  months
Long Term Visitor 6 month or more
Just passing through or would like a tour.
Coming just for the day?
You must write or call ahead of time to make sure we know you are coming! A donation of $10. to $25. (sliding scale) is asked for a tour as this takes time and energy away from whatever we are doing.
How to schedule a visit

If you would like to schedule a visit please follow these steps


Community fees 100% of money collected goes into the community, bulk food, utilities, satellite internet, maintenance etc.
Winter months November thru May is $250.00 per month per person. Couples are $350
June thru October is $200. per month.

Addictions and Psychological Problems !
We expresses compassion for individuals who have psychological problems. We can only take visitors who are emotionally coherent and who can participate within the community in a healthy way. If you have addictions and are still using, you cannot come here. No alcoholics!

Dealing with Habitual Guideline Offenders
Theft, violence and ongoing anger will not be tolerated! Dealing with habitual guideline offenders is on a case-by-case basis. Periods of probation may be imposed. Repeated cases of defiant disrespect of the general codes of conduct, visitors will be expelled from the community, some immediately. It is a privilege to be here not a right

Community Consumption Guidelines
a) We are primarily a vegetarian community! Other diets can be accommodated but there is no cooking of fish, beef or fowl in the community kitchen. We have an outdoor barbecue for those who desire to eat these occasionally.
b) Tobacco smoking is permitted at the community. No smoking in any community building/rental or while walking the paths. Please be considerate of others.
c) Alcohol use is permitted, excessive use is NOT. If you have a problem with addiction and are not using then please let community members know and we can support you in abstaining. Those still using cannot come here.

Pets and Animals
a) We are not overly enthused to have lots of dogs here, as they usually wreak havoc with the local wildlife. Dogs that continually bark are not welcome! Dogs who are aggressive are not welcome. We have a lot of wildlife here and do not want dogs that will continually chase after rabbits, deer, skunks, etc or cats. We also free range our chickens which have been attacked several times by dogs. Well behaved (trained) dogs are welcome. All dogs visiting Wind Spirit must be on leashes until Wind Spirit members approve off-leash activity.

We use satellite service for our internet which is limited. No online movies or gaming. We do have a large selection of  movies and documentaries here.
Dwelling availability -call or email - (small domes, RV's and converted buses)..

Good reasons to come here.

Click the link below to download and view our
Visitor Guidelines & Information  (PDF)
Not available being updated 2016
This will give you more detail about visiting.


Items you should bring with you

1. Towels for showers, sauna/pool and hot springs, Your own bedding if you can, we have some available.
2. A good sleeping bag and bed pad if camping.
3. A water bottle or two.
4. A good attitude.
5. A good solid flashlight with extra batteries.
6. We have laundry facilities on the land, see bio list.
7. Biocompatible shampoo and soap - Dr. Bonners soap, Aubrey's products, etc. NO COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS that poison the land.
8. You will need to have some of your own food, our food supplies are usually abundant but varies & are not guaranteed.
9. RV, truck and car camping also.

If you have more questions about the community or any thing else then please feel free to call or send us an e-mail and we will try to get back with you as soon as possible.

Greyhound Bus services Globe AZ. We can pick you up in Globe

NOTICE:  First contact is always better through email. We do not have regular hours for correspondence and sometimes it can take a few days to return emails or calls. We endeavor to connect with everyone who contacts us but sometimes we get overwhelmed or an email disappears up the chain and we forget. If you do not hear back from us please resend. In this age of instant communication mostly we are not instant.


4514 E. Dripping Springs Rd.
Winkelman, AZ 85192
Wind Spirit Community Inc.
an Arizona non-profit Corporation