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Solar and alternative projects
Solar Ovens (Solar Pot Luck)
Tucson Solar Potluck

 We will be adding  photo's and information on these types of projects going on at the community.


Here is a collection of projects.

There is a small portable solar dehydrator that can handle most of our drying needs. We also have a large 4' x4' solar dehydrator that has been in use for 10 years.
Next is a small PV panel system that runs as a 12 volt system supplying power for lighting via 12 volt CPF bulbs. This also powers a laptop, small battery charger, Mp3 player, along with an occasional use inverter for 120 volt appliances.
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A solar water distiller one of several in use here. This puts out about 1/2 gal a day.
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Rain water harvesting. This system collects water off of a shed roof and fills a 305 gal tank rather quickly. We are always adding to our rainwater collection here. We have 5 other tanks in various stages of use/completion  from 250 to 3000 gallons as well as many 55 gallon tanks. The land is in a continual process of re-sculpting for water catchments via berms, holding ponds etc.



This is the second oldest solar event in the country

April ? 2016
10:00 a.m. until dark
Catalina State Park, Tucson, Arizona
Presented by Citizens for Solar

For information: Join Citizens for Solar and experience the flavors of solar-cooked food and learn about solar by viewing solar appliances and exhibitions (ovens, fountains, coolers, lights, electrical systems) and solar arts. The event is co-sponsored by Catalina State Park, Arizona State Parks.

We’ll have speakers and musicians throughout the day on a stage with a PA system powered by solar energy. The Potluck itself is at 5:00 pm. Bring your own oven and join us for cooking (oven set-up by 9:30 am, event opens to the public at 10:00 am), or if you do not cook with us, visit with us and bring some “solar” food to share: salad, watermelon, berries, etc. Ice is always welcome. Bring your own eating utensils (plate/bowl and fork/spoon) and help make Tucson’s Solar Potluck a waste-free event. Make sure you wear comfy shoes, a brimmed hat and sunscreen. The festival will be held come sun, rain or wind!

The cost of the Solar Potluck is free; $7/car to get into the Park.

The event is held in the “Large Group Use Area” of Catalina State Park, which is located on Oracle Road 5.2 miles north of Ina Road.


Below you will see finished and construction photo's of the small portable dehydrator. The dehydrator comes apart in 3 places, legs, body and collector. The legs are flared for more stability in wind. The unit works very well as just a passive dryer but I added a small  low volume solar fan that noticeably increases it's efficiency especially on cloudier days. We dry large volumes of excess vegetables and fruits from our gardens and trees. (Note I have replaced the solar fan in the photo's with a computer fan and small panel. I bought a case of these solar fans pictured below and they are JUNK. Everyone of the solar fans have died within 6 months or less.)





Small solar fan


9 -18" X 18" racks


Air flow








Large dehydrator    


Here is the large 4x4x4 ft solar dehydrator. Works on the same principle as the small one.